The highest management body of Operation City is the Assembly, which consists of the representatives of member organizations and each organization has 1 vote.

Managing board

The managing board, appointed by the Assembly on a three-year mandate, manages the organization between two Assembly meetings. The current Managing board, in mandate until June 11th, 2024, consists of:

  • Ivana Pejić
  • Ivona Eterović
  • Ana Abramović
  • Dina Karadžić
  • Luka Antić


The President of Operation City is elected by the Assembly on a three-year mandate and represents the organization, keeps the registry of members, convenes Assembly meetings, and performs other tasks stipulated by law. In her absence, these tasks are performed by the Vice President. Currently, the President of the organization is Mirela Travar and the Vice President is Matija Mrakovčić. Their mandate is until June 5th, 2023.

Organizational team

The organizational team is the operational structure of the organization, which implements programs and projects of Operation City. Apart from the organizational team, the organization occasionally engages additional associates on individual project activities and involves volunteers.

The organizational team consists of:

  • Mirela Travar – overall coordinator 
  • Valentina Nedeljko – program assistant
  • Sofija Dobrić – finance and administration manager 
  • Sven Janovski – program coordinator

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